Word-Of-Mouth Policy

Underground Alerts has the best track record of any other newsletter however it's also the most secretive stock newsletter on the web. In fact, since you found out about our newsletter - the only way you could've found us is through one of our existing members. Our members brag for us: Underground Alerts is completely word-of-mouth.

When will I receive my first newsletter?

Our goal is to send you one winning stock pick every two weeks, but as everyone knows; the market can be unstable. Therefore, we may sometimes take a little more time in order to make a wise choice. We much rather take a bit more time and send you a pick with high potential, than rush things and send you anything other than the BEST picks out there!

Will I always make money if I follow your picks?

Although making superb gains 100% of the time is an impossible promise for anyone to make, our track record speaks for itself. 19 out of our last 20 picks posted gains after we issued an alert to our members. Many of those went on to post over 1000% and even 3000% gains. Can you imagine what that could have done to your investments?

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